Instructions for Reserving your Space(s) in 4 easy steps:

NOTE: The <MENU> buttons referenced below are along the top of the page!


Select to see an Overview of the Agility area, our crating sections this year, and where other items of interest are located.

Click , or to select your Crating Section.


There is a legend of what the colors mean above each map.

Click on each space you wish to reserve amongst those available in green.

If available, the space will highlight in blue and the system will hold your selection so that you may complete the reservation process.

If you are a group crating or stall coordinator, select your group of desired spaces at this time.


Click to display a list of the spaces you have selected.

Next, assign each dog to its selected space by clicking in the area that says "Start typing handler last name".

Select the Handler/Dog from the drop-down list, enter the handler/dog's PIN #, then click the button.

Your PIN # entry will be verified and the system will start the process of assigning that space to that dog.

During this process the button will say "OKAY". When the assignment has completed, the button will change to "Assigned".

After this point, your space assignment may not be changed.


When all dogs have been assigned, click to verify that your spaces have been assigned correctly.

If you want to email yourself a list of dogs that have been assigned, provide your Email Address then click .